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Summer Recess is Over

After having tunnel vision for the last couple of years with gig prep and ‘The Forest, Pt.1’ I decided to take the summer off from any serious music work. In Sept I had my annual gig at the festival, a high point of the year, but otherwise kept things low key. Now that summer is over it’s time to get back to work. I have a little bit of music and sounds effects to do for my wife’s play.

I have lots of music to work on, I think I know the direction of the next album, which won’t be Pt.2 of ‘The Forest’. I plan on doing a quick album of other material and then work on Pt.2.

I am performing Oct 13. 9:00  at The Delancey as part of the Warper Party.

Life is good.

Upcoming Gigs + Album News

I’m performing at the annual Electro-Music Conference in Huguenot, NY. This is a really good event with lots of talent and just all around good people. I go on Saturday at 8:30.


On September 16th I’ll be participating in the Warper Party, I go on at 9:30. Warper has been such a huge help for my developing the redgreenblue live show and can’t stress enough the value it adds to the NYC electro-music scene.


And lastly (and this is a big one that I need people to come out to) is October 1 at The Rock Shop. I’m not exactly sure what time I go on, probably around 8:00.


Work on the album got slowed down by the motorcycle trip and getting ready for these gigs but it is continuing. I am desperate to get it out by the end of the year. It is going to be a good album.

Preparing for Electro-Music Asheville

I’m getting my set together for Electro-Music Asheville,  I perform Sat May 16 8:10pm. This is going to be a fun event, lots of quality electronic musicians performing and a little more manageable than MoogFest. This will be an interested experience for me as I’m riding the motorcycle down and borrowing gear to perform with. I’ll have my computer and some controllers and may be shipping down one piece, but otherwise it will be relying on the generosity of my talented friend Robert Dorschel.
This has been a long winter and I’m very eager to get out on the bike and put some miles in.
While the piece I’m performing will be on the upcoming album (s) this does slow down the actual finishing of the release. I was hoping to have the project finished in time for the event but that isn’t going to happen. The good news is that I am very happy with where things are and the additional time is going to give me a chance to give the mixing and mastering the time it needs. Plus I’ll likely be upgrading my monitors soon as the ones I have now aren’t up to the task.