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Monthly archives for September, 2015

Sometimes the Moon is Blue, Tonight it’s Blood Red

The recent Blood Super Moon brought back the memory of a song I wrote about the death of River Phoenix called ‘Shooting Stars’. I wrote the lyrics the night of another lunar eclipse shortly after he died. I was sampling from the movie Sneakers and was thinking a lot about him. You can hear it on my Soundcloud Page.

Same Place, Same Date, Different Start Time

Hi all,

I’m looking forward to seeing you all at my gig on Oct 1 at The Rock Shop. I had posted I was on at 9:30, this has been changed to 9:00 so don’t be late. Hopefully I won’t be!

Funny story, last week I was performing at Warper Party and thought I was on at 9:30. Ok, ¬†cool, I’ll get to the place at 9:00. Well….I was supposed to be on at 9:00. I’ve never set my gear up faster and most of it worked!

The Mighty Redwood (pt. 1)

I’ve posted a new track to my Soundcloud page. Take a listen!

Upcoming Gigs + Album News

I’m performing at the annual Electro-Music Conference in Huguenot, NY. This is a really good event with lots of talent and just all around good people. I go on Saturday at 8:30.


On September 16th I’ll be participating in the Warper Party, I go on at 9:30. Warper has been such a huge help for my developing the redgreenblue live show and can’t stress enough the value it adds to the NYC electro-music scene.


And lastly (and this is a big one that I need people to come out to) is October 1 at The Rock Shop. I’m not exactly sure what time I go on, probably around 8:00.


Work on the album got slowed down by the motorcycle trip and getting ready for these gigs but it is continuing. I am desperate to get it out by the end of the year. It is going to be a good album.