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And the date is…..

May 23rd! If that date seems familiar, it is, I released ‘Synaesthetic’ on May 23rd 2011. (I know, 5 years for a new album, what the hell has he been doing?) May 23rd has a couple of significant qualities, one being it is my birthday. Another being it is Bob Moog’s birthday, and that means a lot to me.

The end of May also heralds the beginning of summer, and I’m really looking forward to taking the summer off from deadlines and being cooped up inside staring at a computer screen and just having some time to NOT feel pressure.

The album should be available at at the normal places, CDBaby, Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify but I can’t guarantee that it will be available everywhere on the release date as it takes time for things to get dispersed through the digital providers. I might do a low run of CDs, but probably not initially. No promises.